A Fitting Start

God’s intended purposes (“administration,” oijkonomian, v. 5) are never accomplished by “strange doctrines” (eJterodidaskalevw, 1 Tim 1:3). God’s intended purposes involve a heart that produces genuine love, a correctly guided conscience, and genuine faith (v. 5). It is only by biblical instruction (paraggeliva, vv. 5, 18) that one may “fight the good fight” (v. 18). Non-biblical teaching never produces these fruits.

Instead, the effects of heterodoxy are clearly described:

  • mere speculation, v. 4
  • fruitless discussion, v. 6
  • rejection of the faith and a good conscience, v. 19
  • shipwrecked faith, v. 19

As a spiritual leader in my home and church, it is my responsibility to make sure that those for whom I am responsible receive thoroughly biblical teaching. If there is heterodoxy being promulgated I must put a stop to it, because such affects all of life and one’s service for the Lord.

It is fitting that an epistle dealing with church order begins with a definite call to root out false teaching and insure biblical teaching. It is fitting because the church is the pillar and support of the truth.

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