Lasagna & the OBF Visitor

Lasagna It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything on here, Greener-Fields, or our Church website/blog. So maybe tonight will be the beginnings of getting back to trying to write regularly. Or did I ever? 🙂

We had lasagna tonight for dinner. My favorite meal. With Diet Mountain Dew. And garlic bread. Naturally, I ate more than I should have.

I am convinced that my wife, Trish, makes the best lasagna around. I’ve had many different people’s pans of the stuff, but Trisha’s is the best, even better than mom’s.

It’s not merely because she’s my wife (though that definitely adds a point or two). It’s Trisha’s secret ingredient.

Tonight at dinner one of my kids expressed gratitude that I haven’t written any substantial articles for the OBF Visitor lately. This piqued my curiosity. “Oh, why?” I asked. Well, evidently, when they’re at Peniel Bible Camp and and their new friends hear the last name they respond with “Oh, I know your dad! He wrote about lasagna. My mom tried that and loved it!” They didn’t get that kind of a response this year. Guess it’s time to write something!

Ever preach a sermon or teach a Bible lesson that you put all kinds of study time into and all they remembersilo2 is the illustration? Ah, such is life. I’m afraid I’m not much better, as I remember as a youth my pastor illustrating how immense God’s love is. The most silos he had ever seen were seven. Now, city-slicker friends, that is a lot of silos, indicative of a big farm. I can’t remember what the particular parallel he drew, but I remember “seven silos” and God’s love.

Maybe someday when those campers are eating lasagna they’ll remember the Visitor? 🙂

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