The Fool

In Bible terms a fool is an unbeliever, a practical atheist (one who lives as if there is no God, Ps 14:1). Note these characteristics from Scripture:

  1. He hates knowledge (Prov 1:22) but he loves folly (15:14; 17:16; 18:2)
  2. Therefore he does not choose the fear of the Lord, 1:29 [OT shorthand for salvation]
  3. The end of his complacency is destruction, 1:32
  4. He enjoys doing wickedness or lewdness, 10:23
  5. He is talkative and likes to air his foolish opinions, 12:23; 15:2; 18:2
  6. He is incorrigible and always repeats his mistakes, 13:19; 15:14; 17:10; 26:11
  7. He has a twisted sense of values depriving him of knowledge, 14:7
  8. He shows lack of restraint, 14:16
  9. He does not concentrate on what is right, 17:24
  10. He despises his mother, 15:20
  11. He takes no delight in understanding, 18:2
  12. His words cause disruption and fights rather than peace, 18:6
  13. He trusts in his own wits, 28:26
  14. He is too proud to listen to warning, Eccl 4:13
  15. He does not think seriously about life; what he wants is pleasure in life, Eccl 7:4

(This is adapted from the Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament [s.v. lsK, 1:449-450] and the New International Dictionary of Old Testament Theology and Exegesis [s.v. lsK, 2:678-680].)

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