What Christian Love Should Look Like

While clearing/cleaning my desk this morning, I came across a scrap sheet of paper that I had been writing notes on all last week for yesterday morning’s message. I knew I had written some things down!

Since I neglected to include them yesterday, here they are for today. First, here are some important principles:

  1. Never compare yourself with others; always compare yourself with God.
  2. Do not act according to what is deserved; act according to what is right and needed.
  3. My attitude and response must be controlled by love, not hate.

Second, I did a quick survey of what the NT has to say about “what Christian love should look like,” and came up with the following:

  • Devotion, Rom 12:10
  • Preference for others, 12:10
  • Meeting pressing needs, 12:13
  • Mutual rejoicing/sorrow, 12:15
  • No pride, 12:16
  • No vengeful spirit, 12:17, 19
  • Peace, 12:18
  • Edify, 14:19; 15:2
  • Please, 15:2-3
  • Acceptance, 15:7
  • 1 Cor 13:4-7
  • Bear burdens, Gal 6:2
  • Do good to all, 6:10
  • Be tolerant of each other, Eph 4:2
  • Edifying speech, 4:29
  • No bitterness or grudges, 4:31
  • Forgiveness, 4:32
  • No selfishness, Phil 2:3
  • Humility, 2:3
  • Self-sacrificing love, 2:4-8
  • Live in harmony, 4:2
  • Don’t lie, Col 3:9
  • Compassionate, 3:12
  • Kind, 3:12
  • Gentle, 3:12
  • Patient, 3:12
  • Encourage, Heb 3:13
  • Care for needy, Jas 1:27
  • No distinctions or prejudices, 2:1-13
  • No cursing but blessing, 3:9-10

That’s quite a list! As you read it, keep the first principle mentioned above in mind!

One comment

  1. THANKS! Blain has been having a very hard time working for a VERY difficult man. The guy Blain’s working with and Blain have been reading and praying at every break, to help them be more Christ-like, keep a good attitude, and not react in anger or hurt. I’m going to give this to them. I’m sure it will help!

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