Problem Here


Okay, I just got another Christian Book Distributor’s catalog, their Christmas Gifts edition. Now, I order a few books from CBD [heh heh], so it’s not all bad. But remember–it’s a business.

Sadly, in order to make a buck they sell a fair amount of trinkets. What I saw on the back of the catalog just made me shake my head though:

“I Believe: The Gospel Masters, 4 CD set by Elvis Presley.”

Here’s the Product Description–“Worship the King of heaven with the king of rock ‘n’ roll! This definitive gospel collection features over 65 favorites from Elvis, including “I Believe”; “Take My Hand, Precious Lord”; “Joshua Fit the Battle”; “How Great Thou Art”; “Down by the Riverside/When the Saints Go Marching In”; “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”; “Bosom of Abraham”; and “Oh, How I Love Jesus.””

Okay, what’s wrong the start of that description–“Worship the King of heaven with the king of rock ‘n’ roll”?

For some reason, “How Great Thou Art” and “Oh, How I Love Jesus” somehow seem greatly cheapened.


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