Isaiah 6

I’ll be teaching from Isaiah 6 tonight and found the following comments from one of my favorites, Matthew Henry, helpful and challenging–

Those who are to teach others the knowledge of God ought to be well acquainted with him themselves.

If angels be thus reverent in their attendance on God, with what godly fear should we approach his throne!

Power without purity to guide it, would be a terror to mankind. None of all the divine attributes is so celebrated in scripture as this is [v. 3].

Shall walls and posts tremble before God, and shall not we tremble? [v. 4]

The sinfulness of sin is its contrariety to the holy nature of God, and upon that account especially it should appear both hateful and frightful to us. The impurity of our lips ought to be the grief of our souls.

A believing sight of God’s glorious majesty should affect us all with reverence and godly fear.

Those are fittest to be employed for God who are low in their own eyes and are made deeply sensible of their own weakness and unworthiness.

The taking away of sin is necessary to our speaking with confidence and comfort either to God in prayer or from God in preaching; nor are any so fit to display to others the riches and power of gospel-grace as those who have themselves tasted the sweetness and felt the influence of that grace.

We must not say, “I would go if I thought I should have success;” but, “I will go, and leave the success to God. Here am I; send me.”

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