The Day of Judgment

I read this verse (Ps 96:13) this morning–

The Lord is coming, He is coming to judge the earth. He will judge the world in righteousness and the peoples in His faithfulness

Sadly, the coming Day of Judgment doesn’t seem to be viewed as an essential aspect of the gospel as it once was. Indeed, a recent article from Time Magazine lauds the newest generation of evangelicals for being less “hell fire and brimstone” and more socially conscious.

Meditating on the coming judgment, I had several thoughts, and may put it together someday as a gospel tract–

  1. This day is coming
  2. Your judge is the infinitely holy Triune God of the Bible
  3. He is a fair and just Judge
  4. He rules/judges based on law–the expression of His unchanging character, not on changing human opinion
  5. The only way one can stand before this Judge and be acquitted is through saving faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus already came one time to this world, though not to judge (John 3:17), but when He comes again, that time will be for judgment!
  6. If you do trust Christ, that does not mean you are therefore “diplomatically immune” to Christ’s Law! You will stand before the judgment seat of Christ to give account for your life as a Christian
  7. Some other passages addressing this are Psalms 67:4; 96:10; 98:9; Acts 17:31; Rev 20:11-15

Can you think of other things to add to this list?

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