August 27, 2010

The little kids slept a lot longer today, so we slept in a little bit—till 8am. Left the hotel at 11 for Greenville, and arrived around 3 or so. Spent the afternoon getting Ashley set up at BJU—registration, unpacking, and getting her room set up. Went to Cracker Barrel for our final family dinner until later this year!

The kids went swimming again 🙂 and I spent the late evening trying my best to get Ashley’s computer set for the semester.

A long day, and we’re all tired. Josiah is tired of traveling and is dreading another 10+ hours of driving the next couple of days. It will be tough to “sell” him on any more long trips in the near future.


  1. One thing that seems to make travelling less dreary for our kids (and they have travelled MANY hours in the car) mostly radio drama. Our favorites, in no special order:
    By Focus on the Family —
    Adventures in Odyssey (not as much as when they were little, especially since for some reason Lydia gets all sulky if we put these on. I have no idea why she doesn’t like them)
    Radio drama: The Narnia series — these are fantastic. Get the whole set.
    Les Miserables
    The Secret Garden

    By Children’s Bible Hour ( —
    Down Gilead Lane — 12 seasons of weekly 1/2 hour radio shows (you can also listen online to the current week’s episode but that detracts from the idea that these things are saved for long trip listening) Start with the first season as each episode really does in some way build on the previous ones. For the last few years CBH has had a one day sale in the fall where they offer all their CD sets and downloads at half price. This is a great way to get started. On the vacation we just took we finished the last season and we feel a bit melancholy that there are no more … We have been taking these characters along with us on all our vacations for the last 4 years or so. These stories also worked well for our family as they appeal to a wide range of ages and bring up some interesting topics for conversation.

  2. Oops, some words got deleted from that previous comment. After the first parenthesis it should say ” is having a good library of stuff to listen to. Ours is mostly radio drama.”

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