August 29, 2010

What a day – get up, get packed, get going out of Charleston, WV and head home for Orwell, Ohio! Drove the 5 hours or so it took. Got home exhausted, but thankful for the Lord’s provision and safety. Took a nap!

After getting up, jumped right back to life – printed 200+ literature items for mailing tomorrow. Checked the mail at the church’s Post Office box. Bought some provisions so the troops don’t starve. Composed and printed inserts for the literature. Printed the labels for the literature. Did most of the preparation for the literature (fold, insert inserts, affix three [3] seals for each). Tomorrow will finish that up.

A church planter I worked with 19 years ago told me, “No rest for the wicked and the righteous don’t need it!”

Heard briefly from Ashley – big, busy day tomorrow. Getting class schedule set up, work schedule, etc. She went to “church” in the morning at BJU (they require freshmen to stay on campus for a religious service—thankfully they don’t call it “church”). One of the things I never liked about BJ, but what do you do? Pillsbury closed down, so…


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