September 7, 2010

First day of school for everyone here in the Greenfield home! We started our day reading Genesis 1. Among some rather obvious things (e.g. that God created everything in six solar days), I noted that after almost each “then God said” sequence there is the phrase “and it was so.” Wow. “And it was so.” Later in the day Lydia walked by and said, “and it was so.” Pretty cool!

Mailed the next sequence of mailings. Bought butter (who says a pastor’s life is always glamorous and exciting? :-)). Took care of some emails. Finished cleaning out the old office and threw all the odds and ends into my new office.

Worked on our gospel on CD. Ate spaghetti dinner outside before the first rains came through. Helped Trish set up my old office that will be her new office and a “classroom” of sorts.

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