September 8, 2010

As a family we read Genesis 2 before school started, noting how it is a “zoom in” of the sixth creation day, focusing especially on the pinnacle of God’s creation, man. Josiah got quite a kick out of how Eve was made, and my ladies noted that females naturally have an aversion to dirt because while Adam was made from dust, Eve wasn’t! That was pretty funny.

In my own Bible reading I read Psalm 50, and was impressed by a number of points and so decided to give my Bible lesson at prayer meeting tonight from this psalm.

I hope this doesn’t cause anyone to go “eww, we didn’t need that!” but it is the truth—almost every time I take an insulin shot (at least twice a day), I express my thankfulness to God for another day to live. Your body makes the insulin it needs to keep you alive; my body makes none and so I have to take it artificially. It’s been interesting as well that all of my kids when they were little always wanted to “watch Daddy take his shot.” Usually I get asked, “Does it hurt Daddy?” Thankfully it rarely does. Even if it did, a little poke lets me know I’m alive!

Printer ran out of ink—replacements were ordered but are “in the mail.” 😦 Without my printer I feel like I’m in a boat in the middle of the lake with no oars or motor.

Continued work on our gospel on CD project. Somehow came across Sacred Harp singing—fascinating.

Prayer meeting was great, as usual. I do love and appreciate my church family. Sad to see the Noble’s head to Florida, but once the temperature goes below 80 it’s time for the snowbirds to fly! 😉

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