September 11-13, 2010

Saturday the 11th was spent catching up from the previous day’s trip to Grand Rapids and getting ready for Sunday (morning worship, afternoon service, getting the community center ready, and evening service at Tri-County Bible church in Madison).

Sunday the 12th – morning service (John 1:43-51), afternoon service (review survey of “Fulfilling the Great Commission”), quick nap, then off to Tri-County Bible Church (report of the work in Orwell, quick look at Colossians 1:28-29). A very busy Lord’s day, thankful for his people.

Monday – fix computer issues on Trisha’s computer. Prepared and brought this week’s mailings to the post office. Emails, phone calls, even letters (!). Completed the text of second edition of our gospel presentation on CD. Worked on music intros for the CD. Grilled hamburgers for dinner. Helped Meagan get ready for her maneuverability test to get her driver’s license.

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