Not Seeing It

According to this, the only way you can effectively deal with something like cancer is by having the “engine” of being charismatic. I have several problems, one of which comes from his description of this engine:

Charismatics believe in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. We have a clear understanding of the realities of spiritual warfare, and we know that sickness is from the devil. And consequentially we are usually great faith-fighters. So we would regard this cancer to be from the devil (Acts 10:38). Sickness didn’t exist before the Fall and will not exist in heaven (Rev 21:4). God healed me of hypoglycemia earlier in my life, and from time to time uses me to heal people. Yep, it’s safe to say I am a charismatic, believing that God is a healing God!

So our response is to be in 100% faith for my healing, and resist this villainous attack of the devil against me, my family, GodFirst, and the advances that we are making in Johannesburg.

Let’s see here – I believe…

  • in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit (though maybe not as he does)
  • in the realities of spiritual warfare (again, though maybe not as he does)
  • that sickness can be of Satan (but not necessarily always)
  • that I must live by faith (and genuine faith is based on the Word of God)
  • that there was no sickness before the Fall nor will there be in heaven
  • that God can heal in response to believing prayer (Jas 5:14-16)
  • that God is a healing God

However, I don’t believe…

  • that the miraculous gift of healing still continues today as it existed in NT times (among other things, it was a sign of true apostleship, and neither I nor anyone alive today is a true apostle)
  • that I have some kind of iron-clad Scriptural promise that God will heal me (of, say, my body’s complete inability to produce any insulin, aka type 1 diabetes)
  • that every sickness I experience is a villainous attack of Satan against me, my family, God, and the work in Orwell, OH

Why limit this to cancer? Why not the flu as well? Isn’t the flu sickness? Does he say all the same things and respond the same way with the cold or flu?

Whenever I get sick (and having had diabetes since 1992, I’ve experienced my share!), I pray, read God’s Word, God’s people pray, I take medicine, if necessary see the doctor, and entrust my life to the loving providence of my Lord and God.

I wonder if he’s received medical treatments for his cancer. If so, how does that really square with the genuinely miraculous healings of the NT, those healings that the apostolic gift of healing accomplished instantaneously and apart from any human aid so that it was clearly recognized as a work of God?

If this man dies of cancer, does that mean Satan won? or that this man didn’t have enough faith? I do sincerely pray that the Lord will glorify himself through this man’s cancer, and in response to believing prayer would heal him of this cancer.

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  1. […] Finalized my notes for this week’s Bible class (1 Timothy and Titus). Voted, picked up $1000 worth of free insulin (praise the Lord), bought laundry detergent. Had to get the house ready for company, as there’s no heat at the Community Center, so Bible class is here at home! Wrote two blog posts, one about training pastors, another about the alleged need to be a charismatic in order to really deal with and handle cancer. […]

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