November 10, 2010

Today was a very busy, great day.

Started off early so I could get my shower before two other ladies from our home. Then I spent a couple of hours of fellowship and prayer with fellow pastors Larry Hobbes and Rich Peffer in my office (it’s a rare thing when I don’t have to do the driving, so I really enjoyed that part of it!).

The rest of the day was invested preparing for tonight’s service and fielding a number of phone calls and emails about a variety of things.

Prayer meeting was a blessing as well; a good group out. I began addressing how to help the “moderate Christian” (see Sunday morning’s message on that subject), reminding us what is a moderate Christian and then what is our biblical responsibility toward such. In the week(s) to come on Wednesday’s we’ll look at the “how.” We then spent time in prayer, followed by fellowship. We never leave the building by 9:00pm! I think we left last night around 9:20 or so.

Once home, I was beat, but put Josiah and Lydia to bed, and then read more of A. T. Robertson’s The Glory of the Ministry: Paul’s Exultation in Preaching. I’ll give some “sound bites” of that in a separate post.

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