A Good Challenge

Exhortation To Hear and Apply Words Of Wisdom

Prov 22:17 “Bow down thine ear, and hear the words of the wise, and apply thine heart unto my knowledge.”

The Proverbs all deal with wise counsel and wisdom. The exhortation here is to be diligent to listen and discern words of wisdom. The proper place to obtain knowledge is from wise godly men and women. Those who have applied themselves to diligent study to learn truth and have lived to experience many of the great truths make wise counselors. The time and effort a person gives to hear to carefully read a message or lesson is well invested and provides eternal dividends.

Once knowledge and wisdom have been attained, one must then implement them into daily thinking and actions. It is not enough to have the “head” knowledge of a truth. Once must memorize and meditate upon that truth until it becomes part of their thought processes. Once a truth has been incorporated into the thought process, it will become part of a person’s basic philosophy for life and will be automatically used to measure all new information that is received. It will also govern all of the future thoughts, imaginations, attitudes, words and actions of that person.

May God help us to comprehend the eternal value of obtaining and applying words of wisdom in our life.

from “Thought for the Day,” by Pastor Jack Hilton, Bible Evangelical Methodist Church

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