Minutes of Ohio Regional Sept 27, 1934

Minutes of the business session of the Ohio Regional Conference of the I.F.C.A. held in Erieside Gospel Church, Willowick, Willoughby, Ohio, on September 27th, 1934.

Business session: W. D. Herrstrom, Chairman

1. Report of Committees:

President, W. d. Herrstrom
1st Vice Pres. R. E. Neighbor
2nd Vice Pres. Paul M. Cell
Secretary, J. A. van Gorkom
Treasurer, A. H. Evans

2. Report of Treasurer

Moved and seconded that treasurer’s report be accepted. Motion carried.

3. Discussion relative to the name of the Conference. R. E. .Neighbor moved that Conference be called the “Ohio Regional Conference” of the I.F.C.A., including bordering states necessarily effected [sic] by the Ohio Regional Conference.

4. Discussion as to the union of Ohio Regional Conference with the National Organization. Motion was made and seconded that the Ohio Regional Conference unite with  the National Organization and adopt its articles of faith and its constitution.

5. President Herrstrom appointed resolution committee, J. A. van Gorkom, chairman, B. H. Holtkamp and T. R. Dunham.

6. President Herrstrom encouraged the renewal of credentials through Regional Conference. He also explained things necessary for eligibility for membership in the I.F.C.A. Motion made and carried to adjourn.

Signed: W. F. Long, secretary pro. tem. (per P. M. Cell).


Credentials: P. M. Cell, W. F. Long, Sec. B. Holtkamp
Publicity: T. R. Dunham, A. J. Levingood
Ordination: W. D. Herrstrom, T. R. Dunham, R. E. Neighbor, B. H. Holtkamp, J. A. Van Gorkom

Place of meeting for next conference, the Akron Bible Church, 528 Spicer Street, Akron, Ohio

Time of meeting January 28-30, 1935

Signed: J. A. Van Gorkam (per Paul M. Cell)


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