Characteristics of An Awakening

Here’s a typical account of a “revival” or as they were also often called, an “awakening” in 1798-1799–

In the whole season, nothing noisy or tumultuous has been discovered, no outcries or swoonings, and none who have been disposed to relate their own experiences in conferences and public meetings; nor have the evening exercises ever been prolonged to unseasonable hours; but a silent and earnest attention to religious instruction has prevailed. Levity, balls and other similar diversions have been laid aside, the ball room has been converted into a place for prayer and serious meetings, and the concerns of eternity have above all other things, engaged the attention of a large proportion of the people; so that it would be very ungrateful in us, to be unwilling to acknowledge, that God has been with us in very deed, and still continues many pleasing tokens of this gracious preference.

“The concerns of eternity…” I love that phrase.

Connecticut Evangelical Magazine, July 1800, p. 23.

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