Daily Bale for March 26, 2011

Boy, what a day. Saturdays are my “day off,” but more often than not they seem busier than my “work” days!!! (And, yes, that is a badger that got “baled” heh heh.)

Andy and I went up to a meeting in Jefferson in the morning. Then, upon arriving in Orwell, I had a list of things to do around town. Unexpectedly, there were a few extra messes at the community center that had to be cleaned up before church services tomorrow.

Then I ran to Middlefield to get a new transmission filter and o-ring for the Chevy Astro. Upon arriving at home, I spent a couple of hours working on that, but sadly I must not have made sure that filter was as tight as possible, as the trans wasn’t shifting at all. :-p

The church printer has been acting weird. Either a nozzle is plugged, or some of the ink is out. We spent a wad of money last year on ink cartridges, so we’re trying a continuous ink system. You inject ink into the appropriate spot with this massive 60 ml syringe, interestingly made by the same folks who make my insulin syringes. Had some creepy fun with the family with that (it’s like taking 6 months worth of insulin at one time!!!).

Evening time, pulling things together for services tomorrow.

Bible reading today: Exod 37; John 16; Eph 6.

Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might.

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