Amish Doubts

Here is a snippet from a post from a former Amish detailing the doubts she and her husband began to have and their search for answers from their bishop–

Arriving at the bishops house he invited us into his study which seemed like only an over sized closet. We tried to tell him how we felt, all our feelings of doubt and fear that something was wrong. That the thought of eternity was terrifying.  He sat there and listened to everything. Once we were done talking he said that we really don’t have anything to be worried or concerned about because we were really good people.

We went home knowing that what ever it was that was bothering us was still there and now felt totally helpless on how to deal with it.

Every time we started having doubts and questions we now tried to suppress them and buried ourselves in our work and renewed resolve to be the best Amish people we could be. If the bishop didn’t have answers there was no where else to turn.

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