Daily Bale for April 6, 2011

Life has been extremely busy the last week or so, and it won’t “settle down” until next Wednesday (yeah, riiiiiiiiight), so I at least wanted to bullet-point things that have been going on in my life–

  • This past Sunday’s services were a great blessing. Almost everyone was there, which fills the room, increases the volume of our praise, and heightens the fellowship
  • Monday was spent largely preparing my lecture for Tuesday night’s class at Great Lakes Bible Institute. This semester’s class there is “Issues in Fundamentalism,” and is taught by different pastors in the area. I have this week and next week on “Current Challenges,” mainly with regard to things like conservative evangelicalism, Together for the Gospel, the Gospel Coalition, the Acts 29 Network, Sovereign Grace, emergents like Rob Bell, and maybe some other things thrown in for good measure.
  • Tonight for our Bible lesson I taught, “What is Lent, and Should Christians Observe it?” We had a good group out, and a great time praying for the Lord’s work.
  • Tomorrow I tie things up (hopefully) for the next several days through Sunday. We will be down in Greencastle for our quarterly conference of the Ohio Bible Fellowship. I have several meetings to prepare for, not to mention Sunday’s messages.

We have both vehicles running, for which I’m thankful. When we only have one for four drivers it can make our schedules hectic.

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