Leaving the Nest

Parents have kids. Kids grow up. Kids leave. This is the usual, normal cycle of things, and it’s a cycle that began for us waaaaay back in 1990 when Trish and I left the homes we grew up in and established our own home. Then the kids came–in 1992, 1994 (2 for 1!), 1996, 2002, and 2005.

Every time I held a new little blessing in my arms after he/she was born, I thought and prayed, “Lord, you’ve entrusted me with this little one. Someday he will grow up and leave our home to start his own. Help me over these next years to love, care, protect, guide, discipline, instruct, and nurture him the best I can by Your help so he loves You and lives for You.” Honestly, I did. This baby will someday be an adult. I’ve got a small window of time to prepare him for it. Don’t blow it.

Our own cycle of the kids starting to fly the coop began a year and a half ago when Ashley went to college. Man, that was tough. Just looking at the pictures is tough. But it was exciting and thrilling because she was ready for it and has been growing more like Christ while there.

We’re getting ready to do the college-drop-off thing again in less than six months, but with a bit of a twist compared to the first time. This time there will be three of them, Ashley, Andy, & Meagan. I’m gonna cry a lot, for sure!

And, Andy will be there only for a short time, because on January 14, 2013 he’ll head off to Parris Island for 13 weeks of Marine boot camp. This is something we’ve been talking and praying through for almost a year. Not everyone can be a Marine, but he’ll do great. In fact, he took his ASVAB yesterday and scored very high in both the overall and technical aspects. I’ve told him he’d better be the best in his class! 🙂

Trish recently shared with me a profound thought: This coming Christmas could be the last one our family will have as presently constituted. Wow, that makes the eyes moist!

I can honestly say I am both thankful and proud of my kids. Thank you, Lord, for this great privilege!


  1. Very touching and thought provoking. We feel with you! We are grateful for you and your family, and the investment/impact you have made in our lives. To God be the glory! God bless you all as you walk this path. Praying for you.

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