The Circumcision of Christ

I’ve been working through George Whitefield’s A Collection of Hymns for Social Worship (1758) that he prepared for the Tabernacle Congregation at London. Today’s hymn had the odd title of this post, and I didn’t have high expectations for it. Well, to turn a phrase, “Never judge a hymn by it’s title.” I couldn’t locate the hymn’s author.

See, my soul, with wonder see
The incarnate Deity;
Human nature he assumes,
He to ransom sinners comes.
He was infinitely clean;
Him no sinful spot disguised,
Yet, lo! He was circumcised.

He fulfilled all righteousness,
Standing in our legal place,
From the cradle to the cross,
All he did he did for us.
He did all our woes retrieve,
He expired that we might live:
By his stripes our wounds are healed,
By his blood our peace is sealed.

Jesus’ pain procures our ease,
Jesus’ death is our release;
Jesus’ cross obtains our crown,
Jesus’ sepulcher our throne.
Lord, conform us to thy death,
Bid our sins yield up their breath;
By thy resurrection’s power,
Make our souls to glory soar.

Circumcise our filthy hearts,
Purify our inward parts;
Lord, destroy the carnal mind
That in thee we peace may find:
In thy righteousness arrayed,
Let us triumph and be glad;
Let us walk with thee in white,
’Till we see thy face in light.

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