The Holiness of God

“And one cried unto another, and said, Holy, holy, holy, is the LORD of hosts:
the whole earth is full of his glory,” Isaiah 6:3

Holy and reverend is the name
Of our eternal King;
Thrice holy Lord! the angels cry,
Thrice holy, let us sing.

Heaven’s brightest lamps with him compared
How mean thy look and dim!
The fairest angels have their spots
When once compared with him.

Holy is he in all his works,
And truth is his delight;
But sinners and their wicked ways
Shall perish from his sight.

The deepest reverence of the mind,
Pay, O my soul to God;
Lift with thy hands a holy heart
To his sublime abode.

With sacred awe pronounce his name,
Whom words nor thoughts can reach;
A broken heart shall please him more
Than the best forms of speech.

Thou, holy God, preserve my soul
From all pollution free;
The pure in heart are thy delight,
And they thy face shall see.

John Needham (1686-1786)

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