Sanctification and The Great Commission

Excellent thoughts here: The Obedience of the Gospel.

Too often acronyms cause more harm than good. Recognizing this, I have taught an acronym to the people I’ve been privileged to pastor over the last 14 years to help them with the basic points of the gospel message:

Master-God is our Creator and Lord through whom we live and before whom we will be judged
Outlaw-We are sinners against God, are guilty before Him, and deserve His wrath
Savior-Salvation is found only in Jesus Christ the God-man
Escape-Sinners must turn from (repent)  of sin and self-righteousness and rely (trust, believe) on Christ alone for salvation from sin’s power and penalty
Sanctification-Genuine faith is demonstrated as the believer grows more like Christ and less like the world through the Spirit’s help and personal discipline

I was encouraged by Mark’s post.

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