Pope Francis and Roman Catholic Charismaticism

Here’s an interesting article from today’s Crux: https://cruxnow.com/vatican/2018/12/10/bishop-on-new-oversight-body-says-pope-has-affinity-for-charismatics/

Summary: “At the request of Pope Francis, the Vatican has established a new body to oversee the global Catholic Charismatic Renewal.”

At first Francis questioned the legitimacy of Catholic charismatics, but as he has seen the effect on others his skepticism has changed to enthusiasm. NOTE: experience, not doctrine, is the driving force here.

The North American representative of the new committee, Bishop Peter Smith, said three themes tie legitimate church movements together:

  1. “an encounter with Jesus Christ or the Trinity,”
  2. “a desire that leads to people seeking a deeper communion with others that share the faith,”
  3. “and a greater sense of the importance of the apostolate and the mission of the Church.”

Lots could be said here, but it boils down to experience and faithfulness to Rome/the pope.

Scripture alone must determine the truthfulness or error of anything and everything.

See this resolution by the American Council of Christian Churches on the theological dangers of evangelical charismaticism.