Friday, January 24, 2020

Friday! I woke up tired, not a good thing, so I slept for a little bit more. That made for a bit more hurried preparation to leave, which I’m not keen on. But I was very keen that I felt physically better after the extra sleep.

Devotions for English speakers was led by Rev. Paul Durand, a missionary in Santa Clara, Chile. He spoke from John 14:31, noting that Christ continually obeyed the Father and that his continual obedience demonstrated his continual love for the Father. “As the perfect man he alone could be our perfect sacrifice and thus the only Savior.” Amen.

Rev. Hal Ricker spoke next, an amazing man. He continues to serve the Lord as a missionary in Guatemala, fly to the US for presbytery meetings, and participate in ICCC. He’s amazing because he’s at least 95! He preached a tremendous message titled, “Our love for our brethren in light of disobedient evangelicalism.” He handled the subject Scripturally and with vigor. He preached in Spanish, so I’m going to try to get the English translation notes to republish.

I missed the next session as I had to head back to my hotel room. Remember what I said at the beginning about feeling a bit more hurried than normal before I left? I realized shortly after arriving at the venue that I didn’t lock the safe in my hotel room. I don’t keep any money in there, but my computer and non-refrigerated medical supplies were all in there (primarily syringes), and I didn’t want to “lose” them. I became the Uber king today, utilizing it several times in one day. Look out Orwell, I’m selling my car. Maybe some of our Amish taxi drivers could become Uber drivers (heh heh).

I enjoyed lunch with brothers from Singapore, Africa, and Bolivia (I think).

There was some free time in the afternoon so I headed back to the hotel (Uber!) to rest and devote some time in prayer for the evening’s ministry. I was asked by the ICCC executive committee four or so months ago to preach on the subject, “Shouldest thou help the ungodly , and love them that hate the Lord?–the Biblical response to false prophets,” 2 Chr 19:2; Jude 3-4; 2 John 10-11. There was a lot of territory to cover, but I think I did so, and in good time, about 35 minutes. Because I was preaching I didn’t take any pictures of the preacher. 🙂

After the service I talked with a lot of folks, which was a great encouragement. I turned around to a tap on my shoulder and this wonderful group of young people smiling away said they wanted to talk with me! We talked a good 15-20 minutes, and they closed by singing a hymn. It was a great blessing. May the Lord help them faithfully serve him, and may he raise up more for the Cause of Christ!