The Lord’s day, January 26, 2020

I woke up this morning to see this out my window! It was interesting watching a cruise ship come so close to the shore. There must really be a steep drop off as it was not far away from us.

The first thing we had today was an evangelistic service in the town square. This is organized by the local ICCC committee and involved choir and orchestra members from different churches. There were testimonies by several ICCC individuals, and I was asked to give a testimony of what the Lord Jesus did in my life. If you have Facebook you can watch my testimony here (at the 44:00 mark).

This is Rev. David Huamantinco from Ayacucho, Peru. We’ve had some good talks through a translator as well as our stumblings without one 😁

Rev. Brad Gsell is president of the ICCC and a member of the ACCC executive committee he has done a tremendous job over the last two years planning for this Congress. I cannot imagine the logistical details involved with something like this!

Following the meeting we had lunch with several American and South American pastors at a beautiful little park. No, that is not the Texas flag 😁

Following the lunch they directed us to a bus, so striving to be a humble and obedient servant (hehheh) I obliged.

They first took us to see the volcano Osorno. It last erupted in 1961. It was gorgeous!

We drove around the second largest lake in South America, Lake Llanquihue. I loved the rural, farming countryside, a lot like Ohio!

Baled hay all wrapped up
Well past knee-high and it’s well before the 4th of July!

We got back to the hotel about 11:00 p.m., considerably later than I thought we would be back, but it was a nice tour. Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow!