Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Well, today did not start out the best for me. I went to bed last night with an increasingly sore throat, and it pretty much plagued me all night. I woke up not feeling too great and very fatigued. Thankfully I was encouraged by God’s word by Rev. David DiCanio, a missionary in Liberia.

Later in the morning several resolutions were read and considered by the ICCC. The way they did it is the guy from the pulpit read it in Spanish, and ICCC president Brad Gsell came down and read it to us English speaking folks.

During lunch I sat down with a pastor named Daniel from Kenya, I forgot to get a picture with him! We had a stimulating discussion about ministry challenges that we face in our respective areas. The similarities are striking, as well as the differences! A good brother. I will try to remember to get a picture with him tomorrow and post that.

After lunch my body was ready to call it quits, so I went back to the hotel and got some rest for a good hour. Following the rest and a lot of water I felt considerably better, praise the Lord.

Tonight’s message was given by Rev. Dr. Nadir Carreño, ICCC first vice president. He has been in leadership in the ICCC for decades; his message was on point and edifying.

One of my main goals in attending the ICCC Congress was to try to be a help and encouragement to Christian brothers and sisters. It has been a great blessing to receive testimonies from a number of folks to that effect. I am really looking forward to being home, but with tears I’m so thankful for so many dear saints who have been a great encouragement to me showing tremendous love and hospitality.

Rev. David Quisbert from La Paz, Bolivia.
Rev. David Horta of Santiago, Chile, and a young man from his church.
Thomas and Augustine, from Santiago. Their mom wanted a picture of their sons with me, they are very interested in missions. Pray for these young men!
One of the churches at the Congress, this one also from Santiago, Chile. For some perspective, that is about an 11 hour drive!