Lydia Update!

We’re all thankful to our Lord for His grace and help today. It was a long but good day.

We left at 6am, arriving at the hospital in Cleveland about 7:30. They prepped her, and then came her most dreaded moment: Getting the IV.

HOWEVER, while talking with the anesthesiologist, he said they could give a light anesthesia and then once she’s asleep put in the IV. “Lydia,” he said, “would you like to do that?” Uh, YEAH!!! She had a pretty big grin for someone about to have surgery!

The surgery took a good three hours. They got started maybe 9-9:30, finishing around noon. We were able to see her 30-45 minutes later in her foggy state. We then left for home, arriving around 3-3:30.

After we made sure she was comfortable, it was back in the car for me to get her antibiotic perscription refilled. Back in the day when we had a pharmacy in Orwell that was a quick run, but it closed, so it’s now a 25 minute drive to Middlefield, wait 30 minutes for them to fill it, then drive back home.

Life in the country!!! 🙂

We praise the Lord for His help, and for MANY who have been asking Him for that help today.