John Ashbrook – The Nameless Prophet

John Ashbrook (1926-2011) wrote dozens of articles for the OBF Visitor, a gospel pamphlet titled A Bird’s Eye View of the Bible, and three books: Family Fundamentals, New Neutralism II, and Axioms of Separation. These are still available through Here I Stand Books, which recently came under the umbrella of the American Council of Christian Churches.

At 30 pages in length, Axioms of Separation is more booklet than book, but it is helpful and demonstrates decades of ministry experience and wisdom. I state in my own paper, “The Doctrine and Application of Biblical Separation,” that

I have learned and culled these principles from godly men who have taught them to and modeled them before me. Though sadly many reject learning these things from others, it is entirely and thoroughly biblical (Phil 3:17; 4:9; 2 Tim 2:2; 3:10–11). I am especially indebted to Pastor John Ashbrook (Axioms of Separation), Dr. Ernest Pickering (Biblical Separation, pp. 217–36), and Dr. Rolland McCune (Promise Unfulfilled, pp. 153–54).

Today in Orwell Bible Church‘s daily devotional 1 Kings 13 was one of the chapters to read. I immediately thought of Ashbrook’s sermon on this passage titled, “The Nameless Prophet,” which is included in his Axioms of Separation.

I knew Ashbrook had given permission for many churches to reproduce Axioms on the internet; just Google the title and you’ll find several links.

I also knew that Ashbrook had preached “The Nameless Prophet” many, many times. Indeed, during my last year in seminary I served as student body president and had him speak in our chapel on “Teaching Separation in Your Church.” The next day he preached in a regular chapel on “The Nameless Prophet.”

So this morning after reading 1 Kings 13 and searching for an audio recording of Ashbrook preaching it, I was surprised not find any such recording. Thankfully I have a cassette copy of Ashbrook preaching this on December 2, 1999. Click here to download and/or listen to it.