Holiness in Dress

From Chester Tulga’s, The Doctrine of Holiness, pp. 52-53

The attire of the holy man is marked by simplicity, never by extravagance and ostentatious show. There is little said upon the subject of dress in the Scriptures, and that little refers, almost exclusively to the dress of women. Since feminine modesty is so important to the moral and spiritual life of the woman, and so necessary to the wholesomeness and well-being of society, it is fitting that the Scripture address themselves to the attire of women.

Christ did not tell His followers how to dress, but He did indicate that dress was not to assume too great an importance in the life of a disciple [cf. Matt 6:24-33]. He would hardly agree with the large emphasis upon dress in our present-day civilization. He would hardly be impressed with the holiness of a man or woman who, in the face of appalling spiritual and human need, displayed in dress every mark of luxury. He would not be impressed with the holiness of a woman who permits fashions or customs to lead her into immodesty, or who was adorned with useless adornments and luxuries.

Holiness in dress is not eccentricity in dress, but simplicity in dress. It is that simplicity which does not call attention to one’s attire. Peter places the emphasis where it belongs: ‘Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting of hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; but let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God a great price’ (1 Peter 3:3-4). The attire of the holy man or woman is marked by simplicity.


  1. Thank you for that on holiness and dress. Modesty is
    a matter of the heart and girls and women today need to
    be responsible for how they dress and govern their modesty and men also are responsible to govern their eyes.
    Proverbs 27:20 “Death and Destruction are never satisfied and neither are the eyes of man.”
    We as women have a huge responsibility to have a heart
    for modesty and purity and self-control and holiness in the way we dress!

    We as Christian women need to be representatives of our
    creator and make the Gospel believable and be secure in
    our idenity in Christ.

  2. Great quote. Thanks for sharing it. I like the simplicity of Tulga’s emphasis on simplicity. Holly Stratton has a good article for women entitled, *Graceful Modesty* (I think it can be found on Sharper Iron’s site).

  3. I have a question about Modesty, I have started wearing dresses so my daughter. for one month now. its hard to keep our responsible on site. we used to wear pants. I know my daughter and i need help in this part can some some help us out. we believe what the Scriptures says. we minds want us to go back like it was. but we dont want to.


    thank you

    • Debbie–I don’t want to come across the wrong way, but what specifically is your question about modesty? What do you need help with? And have you talked with your husband and pastor about this?

      I do want to help, but clarification is needed! 🙂

  4. Dan,
    Thank you for your replay. I am trying to say is.How do you keep from going back to your old ways.”I have been reading the Bible and praying.
    But when look at my pants in my dresser I want to wear them. I know i need to get rid of them but i just can’t.I don’t know why.Whats wrong with wearing pants? MY husband told me its about modesty and self-control. He knows I have it.(self-control ).I have talk to a friend about this. this is what she told me. it does no matter what you wear, you can wear dresses all your life and still go to hell, or you can wear pants all your life and go to heaven. when she said that now i am REALLY confuse.This why I need some help.
    Yes my Husband know about this. He said this has been on his Heart for some time. ” for me wearing dresses or skirts”.
    He want me to wear them.
    We don’t have a church. we have been looking, My husband
    don’t want to drive along ways to go to church.So we home church our selfs.

    I hope this help.


    • Debbie–sorry for the delay, yesterday was a busy day!

      Modesty really doesn’t seem to be the issue here, in my opinion. Your husband desires you to dress in a certain way, and (at this point) that should control the discussion.

      I feel a bit uncomfortable entering what appears to be a disagreement between you and your husband on this matter! I know I sure wouldn’t appreciate it if some stranger was giving my wife counsel contrary to me. 🙂

      I would be happy to talk in private more about this issue with ya’ll. Feel free to call or email me (orwellbible @ gmail.com); more contact information is available at our church website, http://www.orwellbible.org.

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