The Praise We Give

My systematic theology professor was Dr. Rolland McCune at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. To date he has published three books:

Volume three of his Systematic Theology is forthcoming. I owe a massive debt to Dr. McCune. He taught me theology, exemplified and encouraged a consistent separatist stand, stood for and promoted the best kind of fundamentalism, etc. etc. etc. I can’t say enough about him.

That said, I can’t imagine anything like this ever being done in praise of Dr. McCune (at least, I hope)–

The moves, music, and exaltation of a man…wow. I know, they say that while Grudem’s great, God alone must be exalted; but the overall point of the song is about Wayne Grudem.

This may be defended as young people having a good sense of humor, but shouldn’t even our “sense of humor” be affected and controlled by the character and will of God? Since when do “light moments” get a pass when it comes to worldliness? Why is it okay to take the rebellious expressions of our culture and use them for such purposes?

This is a great example of the celebrity star status that too many Christians give to leading speakers, pastors, writers, and theologians. For all the talk about being “God,” “Christ,” and “cross” centered, the exaltation of man using worldly music and forms is at best inconsistent and at worst idolatrous.

This says something as well about John Piper, as it was promoted on his Desiring God blog. Generally speaking, what one promotes and approves of is indicative of his theology.

It is a good thing to learn from teachers–they are God’s gift to the church! (Eph 4:11)–but let’s be careful about the praise we lavish on them as well as how we express such appreciation.

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