September 29, 2010

Read Psalm 80 and Galatians 5. Family devotions from Genesis 12. We often think of Genesis as being about “beginnings,” which is true, but doesn’t really summarize the whole of Genesis. “The beginnings of Israel” is much more accurate and just as easy to remember. The Pentateuch (Genesis through Deuteronomy) deals with Israel, and Genesis shows Israel where they ultimately came from (God), His previous deliverance of their ancestors (think Noah), his gracious choice of Abraham from among the mass of idolaters (cf. Josh 24:2), and of course the twelve sons of Jacob, aka Israel.

Printed and mailed some disciple-making media to Larry Noble down in Florida. May have to start a “branch ministry” of Orwell Bible Church in Florida (heh heh).

Worked on tonight’s Bible study—Thankfulness. In these Wednesday night studies I have greatly profited from taking a Greek concordance and studying every occurrence of a concept by studying the words and their synonyms of that idea.

Prayer meeting was great; I knew that several of our Wednesday night regulars would be gone, and so expected a lower-than-normal crowd, but there was a good turnout nonetheless, and was greatly encouraged by the fellowship and mutual ministry of Christ’s body. I wish more of God’s people would make the effort to orient their lives around their church! This is something my and Trisha’s parents did so it’s been ingrained in us—we can’t imagine not being “at church,” and it’s something I’m very thankful for.

Before bed I did some work on the lecture I will be giving Friday morning at Great Lakes Bible Institute on Exodus and Leviticus.

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