October 14, 2010

Okay, so it’s been a week since I’ve logged anything in my journal. Time to rectify that. I won’t try to recap the last week, but it’s been a good, busy one with an OBF conference, church services, and Bible class preparation and teaching.

Today started off with the power going off and consequently waking me up at around 5:45 am until it came back on around 7:30 am. That meant no coffee for an hour and a half. That, friends, is a trial. 🙂

Ran some errands (car insurance paperwork, check the mail, bought some Diet Mountain Dew and light bulbs, mailed a bill). Spent the next several hours working up notes for tomorrow’s lecture on Numbers and Deuteronomy at Great Lakes Bible Institute. Printed notes, worksheets, and appendices for tonight’s Bible class at the Ring’s (2 Corinthians, the judgment seat of Christ). Worked through last week’s Bible class worksheets. Uploaded Bible class stuff to the church website.

Dinner with the family—the view out our dining room window is just gorgeous with the leaves turning color; our entire backyard is a multi-colored canvas of God’s beauty in creation. Drove up to the Ring’s for Bible class, we had a new family there; it’s always encouraging to have new folks to fellowship with around God’s Word. 2 Corinthians is a very challenging and helpful book; I greatly enjoyed my study in it this week.

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