October 19, 2010

Up early this morning to go with friends Rich Peffer and Dave Saxton to the American Council of Christian Churches Convention (ACCC) near Gettysburg, PA. My dear wife got up early to get me down to Girard to meet the fellas.

Had a nice drive out—solved most of the world’s problems (heh heh). The scenery was very beautiful, with fall color and mountains. Stopped at Banner of Truth and picked up a free book (my kind of price). Then zoomed up to Hershey and checked out their store. Amazing amounts of chocolate! We were almost amazed by the number of dentist offices we saw—no kidding! It was funny.

After that we drove down to our hotel, ate dinner at a local steak and seafood place, and then went to the church for the conference. Dr. Steve Hankins of Bob Jones Seminary preached from Acts 13. Listened to two good resolutions passed by the ACCC.

Back to the hotel for some reading and sleep!


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