October 25, 2010

Started the day with 1 Timothy 3, prayerfully asking God to use his Word in my life, especially as this section is definitely “for” me. We read part of Genesis 18 today, verses 16-33. Noted God’s holiness in his anticipated judgment of Sodom, yet his compassion, mercy, and patience in hearing Abraham’s humble, prayerful pleas.

After awhile I spent some time in prayer at the community park by our house. Nice and quiet. Made my to-do list for today and this week.

This coming Wednesday night for our Bible study time I’ll try to answer any question asked dealing with biblical issues and/or their application. Already have two in hand, for which I’m thankful, as it gives me extra time to think on and give a better answer. These Q&A times are very helpful for everyone, I’ve found. Haven’t done them in awhile, and it’ll be good to get back in that saddle.

Study and prep for this week’s Bible class—Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians. Going to jail! 🙂

After a very filling spaghetti dinner, Josiah, Lydia, and I went out into the woods to burn off some calories, cutting wood and having a campfire. Nice evening.


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