What do you think about this statement?

God’s primary means of evangelism is for people to see the hope of Christ in our daily lives and to ask us about it.



  1. We are saved by faith and faith comes by hearing the Word of God. Romans 10:17. Folks can and do watch how we live by faith and some ask about it. But it is the by Word that people are saved.

  2. There is definitely biblical basis for our lifestyle “testifying” of Jesus Christ (Phil 2:15; 1 Pet 3:15), but I disagree with calling it “God’s primary means of evangelism.”

    Evangelism necessarily involves the message of the gospel, involving statements of biblical truth (God as holy creator; man as fallen sinner; Jesus Christ as the God-man; his substitutionary, atoning sacrifice; his resurrection from the dead; his coming again in judgment).

    No general revelation seen in creation can relate statements of truth, much less the biblical truths just mentioned. Yes, God’s glory is clearly seen in creation, but man universally rejects and suppresses that (Rom 1:18, 21-23).

    The gospel message must be brought “face-to-face” to the unbeliever (Rom 10:17)–he must be taught and confronted with its truths and urged to repent of sin and self-righteousness and relying wholly and exclusively on the person and work of Jesus Christ.

  3. I struggle with my flesh. But an unsaved person doesn’t know that. Do they? They just see our actions. I tell people the news of the gospel but they see a fallen person in me. I see some who seem to be Christlike, but really knowing the sin nature of man it is just a given that they are like me, maybe not in the same areas and it is possible not so obvious. Yes our lifestyle has to be growing. That is a given. But I think it is primarily the Gospel message itself, CHRIST, that makes the difference.

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