Psalm 10

Each day I’ve been reading a Psalm from the 1650 Scottish Psalter. Today’s, Psalm 10, describes the character and end of the wicked. I appreciated the poetic rendering of verses 3-11:

3 The wicked of his heart’s desire
doth talk with boasting great;
He blesseth him that’s covetous,
whom yet the Lord doth hate.

4 The wicked, through his pride of face,
on God he doth not call;
And in the counsels of his heart
the Lord is not at all.

5 His ways they always grievous are;
thy judgments from his sight
Removed are: at all his foes
he puffeth with despight.

6 Within his heart he thus hath said,
I shall not moved be;
And no adversity at all
shall ever come to me.

7 His mouth with cursing, fraud, deceit,
is fill’d abundantly;
And underneath his tongue there is
mischief and vanity.

8 He closely sits in villages;
he slays the innocent:
Against the poor that pass him by
his cruel eyes are bent.

9 He, lion-like, lurks in his den;
he waits the poor to take;
And when he draws him in his net,
his prey he doth him make.

10 Himself he humbleth very low,
he croucheth down withal,
That so a multitude of poor
may by his strong ones fall.

11 He thus hath said within his heart,
‘The Lord hath quite forgot;
He hides his countenance, and he
for ever sees it not.’


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