Culture and Faith

I’ve had to cut writing out for the last couple of weeks due to a couple of irregular life circumstances (i.e. flu in the family and both vehicles dying!), so I’m trying to get back in the saddle here. So, here’s an excellent statement to hopefully do that–

More often than some advocates of extreme contextualization seem to think, the culture should be molded by the faith (where it is out of accord with the faith). Cultures are tied to beliefs and practices and will tend to pull one back into those beliefs and practices unless both are consciously altered.

His point is this–the Bible as God’s Word is transcultural as the standard for what someone should be like (Jesus Christ) and how one becomes like Jesus Christ (faith and obedience to the Word, depending on the Spirit for power and ability).

The basic problems of human beings in the Orient, in Africa, in Europe, or ‘down under’ are the same. All must learn to love God and one another. The Bible addresses man’s fundamental problems–having to do with sin, salvation, and sanctification–whatever form those problems may take culturally.

Jay Adams, How to Help People Change, p. 62.

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