Daily Bale for March 23, 2011

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a journal entry here, and thought it would be good to get back to this practice. It helps me review what I did (and didn’t!) do each day, and will keep my church family updated on things.

I decided to call each entry the “daily bale,” to keep with the barn theme of this blog, conveying the idea of bundling together the day’s events and thoughts into a compact unit.

In my Bible reading I read Exod 34; John 13; Eph 3; Prov 26; and Psalm 54 from the Scottish Psalter. Family devotions were from Exod 19, and I pointed out that verses 5-6 is called the “golden text” of the Old Testament.

Today was pretty much a study day, first for prayer meeting, Luke 18:1ff, explaining and encouraging importunity in prayer. Then I worked on upcoming teaching sessions for Great Lakes Bible Institute class (Issues in Fundamentalism). Spent time in prayer (Acts 6:4). Figured out what books I need to buy for my upcoming seminary classes.

Prayer meeting. Attendance was lower than normal, but still a good spirit of prayer and–as always, for which I’m so thankful–excellent Christian fellowship.

Read a little from the Connecticut Evangelical Magazine (July, 1800).

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