Daily Bale for March 24, 2011

For some reason Thursdays have a harder/slower start in our home–maybe it’s the Wednesday night meeting? 🙂

Thankfully a couple cups of coffee help me get jump start, as well as Exod 35; Luke 14; Eph 4; and Ps 55 from the Scottish Psalter. For family devotions we read Exodus 20.

Prayed at the community park today (one of several “outdoor” offices I have). Ran some errands, for which our cats are thankful–they were without food for at least a day! Mia was jumping all over me while I was opening the bag!

Preparation for tonight’s and Tuesday’s Bible class–special rules for studying the Bible. The two lessons of  “general” rules are available here (classes 7 & 8).

Ordered books for my summer seminary class (OT theology). Got a haircut. Ate spaghetti for dinner–yum!

Trish and I went up to the Ring’s for Bible class. It was a beautiful drive…the Spring sun made it seem warmer than the 29 degrees that it was, for sure. I must say that it is a great privilege to teach believers how to study their Bibles. It’s always been a desire of mine to help with that, and I’m thankful for the opportunity.

Thursday night tradition after Bible class after settling down at home is to heat up some rolls in the oven and munch away. Watched the first half of the Arizona-Duke game,read some more from the Connecticut Evangelical Magazine, then off to bed.

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