Daily Bale for March 30, 2011

Started the day by helping the Blair’s with their final move. We had four guys, and it was just right. Two or three trips and it was a done deal. Even then, it reminded me all the more that I don’t want to move again!!!

Actually, that’s not entirely true. I would move again if a decent farm became available in our area that I could afford. It would have to have sufficient land that I could shoot guns safely. And ride tractors, 4-wheelers, hike in the woods, etc. And it has to have an old barn. 🙂

Finished things up for tonight. Took care of some FAFSA and other stuff for Ashley. Worked on Sunday morning’s and afternoon’s messages. Emails and phone calls. Ate lasagna for dinner with the family.

Prayer meeting was sparsely attended due to 1″ an hour snow. It has been neat, though, that in 6 years here we have never had a service with just the Greenfield’s. I am thankful for our church family–they’re our family!

Read for upcoming seminary class. Ate leftover lasagna.

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