Daily Bale for March 31, 2011

File:2008-11-06 Bale of hay with US flag.jpgLast day of March, 2011!

I started off my day reading Leviticus 2-3, grateful for the fact that I don’t have to consult my neighborhood Levite on what kind of sacrifice I need to offer. Jesus took care of that for me. So when I read Leviticus (a book which I actually do enjoy), I try to put myself in the shoes of an OT saint, and remember what David said,

O how I love Your Law! It is my meditation day and night (Ps 119:97)

David evidently didn’t think the Law to be a drudgery.

Drove Meagan to her babysitting job, picked up a few things from CVS, B&K Salvage, the bread store, and the post-office, then back home. Worked on Sunday morning’s message. Emails and phone calls. Worked on better utilizing my mp3 player (a Sansa Disk), deciding to go with a program called Media Monkey. Worked on Sunday afternoon’s message. Did some work on my upcoming lectures for “Issues in Fundamentalism” class at Great Lakes Bible Institute (April 5 & 12).

Worked on the Chevy Astro’s transmission. Finally successful in getting the o-ring out. What a bear. Zipped out to Middlefield for trans filter kit and associated products. Successfully got everything put back together and its on the road again. I praise the Lord for His help with this project!

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