Minutes of the Ohio Regional Jan 29, 1935

A regular business session of the Ohio Regional Conference of the I.F.C.A. convened in the Akron Bible Church,528 Spicer Street, Akron, January 29, 1935, with president W. D. Herrstrom presiding.

Meeting opened with prayer by Brother Clausing of New Philadelphia,Ohio.

Minutes of the business session held in the Erieside Gospel Church,Willoughby,Ohio, September 24 to 27, 1934 were read. It was moved by Bro. Holtcamp and seconded by Bro. Miller that the minutes be approved as read except the item regarding an ordination committee.

The Treasurer’s report was read showing receipts at the September Conference of $102.55. Expenditures to January 28, 1935, $90.11. Balance $12.44. Motion carried to accept this report.

President Herrstrom appointed a committee on resolutions consisting of Brothers Holtcamp (chairman), Levengood, and Humbred.

Brother Holtcamp moved that the next meeting of the Ohio Regional Conference be held September 23, 24, 25, 1935. Seconded by Brother Miller. Motion carried.

Brother Holtcamp moved, and brother Neighbor seconded that the place of meeting for this conference be left with the Executive Committee. Motion carried.

At Brother Holtcamp’s request, President Herrstrom told of his correspondence with the National Organization suggesting the Cadle Tabernacle inIndianapolis,Ind., as a strategic and desirable place for the National Conference either this year or next. He called attention to the wide advertisement the I.F.C.A. would get through Brother Cadle’s large radio ministry.

Brother Herrstrom introduced a discussion regarding the matter of the I.F.C.A., and particularly our Ohio Regional Conference, ordaining men to the ministry. The wisdom of this practice was seriously questioned. The consensus of opinion among the brethren seemed to be that the local church should ordain. It was brought out that in this State, churches could ordain men whether said churches were incorporated or not. A number of the brethren took part in the discussion.

Brother Neighbor moved that Brother Holtcamp draft resolutions regarding this question of ordination and present same to the business session the next morning. Seconded by Brother Cell. Motion carried.

Motion carried to adjourn meeting, and prayer was offered by Brother Earl E. Miller.

Respectfully submitted,
Paul M. Cell,
Secretary, pro tem

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