Minutes of the Ohio Regional Jan 30, 1935

January 30, 1935

The second business session of the January Conference convened at 11:30 a.m. with President, W. D. Herrstrom, presiding. Brother Parker B. Kurtz of Wilkinsburg,Pa., led in prayer.

Minutes of the previous day’s business session were approved as read.

Brother Holtcamp called attention to the importance of having proper books for minutes and other records.

Motion by Brother Cell that the organization order the Treasurer, Brother A. H. Evans, to purchase record books for the secretary and treasurer in which the official records of this organization shall be accurately kept. Seconded by Brother Holtcamp, and carried.

Brother Holtcamp moved that all minutes of the business sessions of our respective conference be read and approved before the close of a conference, and signed in ink by the secretary, and countersigned by the president. Motion was seconded by Bro. Evans, and carried.

Brother Holtcamp read a resolution regarding the I.F.C.A. ordaining men to the ministry. A general discussion by the brethren followed, and suggestions were given. No action was taken.

Brother Pike moved, and Brother Humbred seconded that meeting adjourn to meet after the afternoon meetings. Motion carried.

Brother Clausing closed with prayer.

5:00 P.M. Moved by Brother Holtcamp that on account of the lateness of the hour, the meeting adjourn to after the evening service. Seconded by Brother Pike, and carried.

8:45 P.M. Business meeting called to order by President Herrstrom. Brother Levengood led in prayer.

The resolution on ordination of men to the ministry was revised and presented by Brother Holtcamp. It reads as follows:

“To the Ohio Regional Conference of the Independent Fundamental Churches of America, Inc.


The undersigned was requested to present a resolution in regard to ordaining candidates to the Gospel Ministry. The following is suggested:

Be it resolved that the Ohio Regional Conference of the Independent Fundamental Churches of America, Inc., to procure reliable information from authoritative legal sources concerning the legal standing of ordinations by local churches not chartered, nor incorporated. This information should also cover such legal standing in every state of theUnionand in the Dominion of Canada.

We believe that the same is not only Scriptural, but that the local congregation is generally better able to judge the candidate as to his moral and spiritual fitness to the Gospel Ministry. It would thus help reduce applications from men not qualified for ordination.

Respectfully submitted,

(signed:) B. H. Holtcamp.

Brother Levengood moved that the above resolution be adopted. Seconded by Brother Humbred, and carried.

The Committee on Resolutions presented the following report:


The second Ohio Regional Conference of the Independent Fundamental Churches of America, Inc., meeting in theAkron Bible Church January 28-30, 1935 wish to express their gratitude:

(1)  To the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ for His love and tender care since we last met.

(2)  To the entertaining Church and its Pastor for their hospitality and kind consideration of our every need.

(3)  To the program committee, pianist, song leader, caretaker, and all who have contributed to the success of this Conference.

Further, be it resolved that we urge God’s people to ‘contend earnestly for the Faith,’ walking worthy of the vocation wherewith we are called, and to continue ‘looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ.’

Fraternally submitted,

(signed):         B. H. Holtcamp

A. J. Levengood

R. J. Humbred,


Brother Holtcamp moved that this report be accepted. Seconded by Brother Levengood, and carried.

The Treasurer reported as follows: Balance on hand January 28, 1935 $12.44. Receipts during the conference, $46.11, a total of $58.55. Disbursements $40.62. Balance January 30, 1935, $17.93. Brother Pike moved that this report be accepted. Seconded by Brother Holtcamp. Motion carried.

Brother Cell moved that this organization go on record as being favorable to the Cadle Tabernacle, Indianapolis, Ind., as a strategic location for the next annual Convention of the I.F.C.A., May 20 to 24, 1935, and that we convey the record of this action ot the National Executive Committee. Seconded by Brother Levengood. Motion carried.

Brother Holtcamp moved that meeting adjourn pending the reading of the minutes. Seconded by Brother Levengood.

Brother Levengood moved that minutes be approved as read. Seconded by Brother Pike. Motion carried.

Motion for adjournment pending was carried.

Brother Humbrel closed with prayer.

Respectfully submitted,
Paul M. Cell
Secretary pro tem

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