Lord, Bring Revival!

LORD, bring revival to my heart.
Come down with quick’ning power.
LORD, give to me the strength I need
To carry on this very hour.
My heart is faint, my flesh is weak.
Come LORD Jesus. Send Thy Spirit.
LORD, restore the joy of Thy salvation unto me.

LORD, bring revival to the church,
For though professing be,
There are many here within our midst
Who still are strangers unto Thee.
They are bound in garments of the grave.
Call them forth from death to new life.
LORD, revive the dead among us, calling them by name.

LORD, bring revival to our land,
For on every side we see
Men and women woefully at ease,
Infected with a dread disease.
Pour forth Thy healing balm, O LORD.
May our zeal convict a nation.
Great Physician, may Thy Truth impart the remedy.

LORD, bring revival to the world.
Thou hast promised there would be
The elect of God in every tribe,
Who long to hear The Word from Thee.
White unto harvest are the fields.
Send Thy servants forth with power.
May Thy Spirit carry us into fields of ripened wheat.

Tune, PDF

–Kathleen Shea Vick (source)

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