Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Technically this part of the post is from Monday night, but since my last post ended when I boarded, I’ll pick up on the flight leaving Atlanta.

IMG_20200120_215952I didn’t purchase an expensive plane ticket–coach, in fact–but the amenities on my Delta flight were nice. They provided a small pillow, blanket, earbuds, and an eye shade. A nice menu was provided though I didn’t take anything; it was night time and my diabetic body has to follow a schedule, and dinner before bed isn’t part of it! 🙂 Beverages were made available anytime they were desired. While it wasn’t cramped, my 6’2″ was missing its bed. IMG_20200121_073152

After a night of that, I was ready to get out. I felt like a squirmy toddler 😁 The view coming in to Santiago was beautiful.

After disembarking the next stop was immigration. Getting there however was quite a jog! Took a long time to walk there. Even with those walking escalator things! I waited a half hour in the immigration line for a 20 second interview. Then went over to customs had my bags checked thankfully no problem there.

The next challenge was then figuring out where to go to check my bags for my last flight; that took awhile, but thankfully the various officials I asked were patient with this Americano, IMG_20200121_120555haha. Got checked in, went through their “TSA” (very easy compared to the US), and then the waiting game for 4 hours until my flight boarded. Occupied the time by texting with family, checking email, getting tomorrow’s post for the ACCC website up, I even called Trish for a little bit! I’m thankful to the Lord for the opportunity to communicate with my loved ones back home.

The flight from Santiago to Puerto Montt was uneventful. The view was beautiful! Unfortunately I had a middle seat for this flight so was unable to get any pictures. There’s a couple of big, beautiful lakes, and a snow-capped mountain to boot. During the flight I read more of Lectures of the Nature and End of the Sacred Office, by John Smith (1810). Chapter VII was “A minister of the gospel should be heavenly-minded.” Again, like yesterday, a powerfully challenging chapter. Here’s a couple of selections:

  • “A strong love to the world, and to the things of the world,may be called the basest, and most sordid of passions.”
  • “Like the chariot-wheel in the mire, the soul will move heavily towards heaven when it’s affections are deeply set upon the world.”
  • “Let us acquaint ourselves more and more with God, and seek our felicity and joy in the contemplation, love, and adoration of his glorious perfections; in meditating on his word, trusting in his providence, relying on his promises, and imitating his moral attributes.”
  • “Our happiness will be always growing in proportion to the progress which we make in this heavenly study.”

After getting my bags I met a man with an “ICCC” sign ready to transport weary travelers. It was good to meet him, and a good dozen other ICCC folks as well. I should have taken pictures of the group and the young man who drove me to the hotel but I forgot. I will try to do better with that.IMG_20200121_211302

The hotel is very nice, with an astounding view. It almost makes me miss the snow back in Ohio! 🙂 I walked to a nearby grocery store and picked up a few things (most importantly, a big thing of water). Had a nice video chat with Trish and Lydia. This traveler is t.i.r.e.d. but thankful for the Lord’s grace and mercy on this trip.

A closing prayer request for the night: Pray for the salvation of a young lady I sat by on the flight from Atlanta to Santiago. Her name’s Rebecca, 18 years old, and is down here to go bike riding for six months! We had some good talks, but she needs the Lord.