Monday, January 20, 2020

IMG_20200120_160928I’m on my way to Puerto Montt, Chile for the International Council of Christian Churches Congress, January 22-29. I’m representing the American Council of Christian Churches, and will be preaching Friday evening and participating in a panel discussion on Wednesday, January 29.

I want to try to give folks–especially Orwell Bible Church–periodic (hopefully daily!) reports on my days. Not everyone has Facebook, so giving updates there would miss folks. Most of OBC’ers have email, so hopefully this will do 🙂

During the morning I cleared our driveway of last night’s 4-5 inches of snow, then finalized things for Sunday (bulletin, opening congregational reading of Psalm 79), published an ACCC Ketcham post, and finished packing.
Drove to Cleveland airport (CLE) with Trish and Lydia, flew through TSA (precheck!!!!). A long day and a half before me: depart CLE at 5pm with a 3 or so hour layover in Atlanta. Then leaving Atlanta at 10:30pm for Santiago, Chile, arriving there by 10am Tuesday. After a 7 hour layover and customs there the last leg of the trip will take me to Puerto Monty, Chile, arriving there by 7pm God willing.
Having some extra time before boarding, I worked up tomorrow’s post for the ACCC IMG8926035349230961333website, which will be part 1 of our Bible Doctrine of Separation. It’s scheduled to post at 7:30am. I’d encourage you to sign up for email notifications whenever new posts are published.
While on flight to Atlanta I read Lecture VI “a Minister of the Gospel should bet Self-denied and mortified to the World,” from Lectures of the Nature and End of the Sacred Office, by John Smith (1810). It was excellent, very challenging and encouraging. May the Lord help me to mortify my flesh even more.
After reading that chapter I reviewed the previous ones, noting the highlighted sections. This was a challenging exercise, one I should do again. (FYI I’m reading this book on Google Books for free, which is easy to highlight and thus review.)
IMG_20200120_203742Arrived in Atlanta, got dinner, went to my gate. Waited. Read. Did some work. Watched people (a favorite past-time). Finished this post. Did a video call with Trish. Good night! 🙂