August 23, 2010

I’ve thought about writing a daily journal of sorts for some time, mainly for the folks of our church family, so they have some idea of what their pastor is doing! Our deacon and church treasurer Jon Engdahl has a great saying: “Shoot the engineers and ship it!” In other words, there comes a time when you’ve done more than enough thinking and its time for action.

I would also like to post something in the mornings from my daily Bible reading, but we’ll see about that. 🙂

August 23, 2010

Worked for a bit on church computer backup drive. It’s not working properly. Thankful for a computer whiz at our church, Jon Engdahl. I’d be lost without his help.

Took 200 pieces of second mailing to the post office; learned from workers of a different form to use, saving two cents per piece! That’s good. Typical of government forms that once I figure out how to fill out one, I have to learn something different. Still better than paying 44 cents per! Need to get going on the non-profit status though, which takes (I’m told) some months and more hoops.

Praying for missionaries we’ve had in this year and our church members. Especially spent time praying for those receiving literature this week, that the Lord would be working in their hearts now to seriously consider the biblical truths they are receiving in the mail.

Spent some time looking for a cheap printer for Ashley. Miss the days of dot-matrix printers that lasted all semester! A lot more pp were printed on that ancient technology.

Took care of some correspondence. Worked on the September Daily Scripture and Bible Reading Guide, printed, and folded. Finished the bulletin for this coming Sunday.

Took care of things at some friends’ house who’ve been gone. Posted notes from yesterday afternoon’s message.

Put the little kids to bed and relaxed a bit before hitting the hay.

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