August 24, 2010

Read Psalm 32 this morning; great time of prayer at my “other” office (see picture!). Worked on third literature item—detailing what the NT says a church is. This took a good 3-4 hours.

Called pastors in our state for their praises and prayer requests for the next issue of the Visitor.

Bought church supplies for Sunday and got the building ready. Made a couple of calls for the van we’re renting (wanted a 15 passenger, but they only have 12 passengers—at least it has A/C).

Took care of the information BJU needed for Ashley’s “health insurance,” and while I was at it took her off my car insurance. That will save a little money, at least until Andy and Meagan go on in a month or so.

A number of emails and phone calls. Wrote out and emailed instructions for the men opening and closing the community center for church services.

Finally, packing and preparing for the trip to the Creation Museum and then to take Ashley to Bob Jones University for her freshman year of college!

Never a dull moment!


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